Free Online Transcribing Test Tool

The Audio Typing Test evaluates your typing speed as well as listening skills. It provides free and unlimited access along with strongly accurate results and in-depth analysis of your test results, to help you enhance your transcribing skills.

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What exactly is the Audio Typing Test?

  • A transcription career is probably one of the oldest jobs in history. It involves documenting oral recitations for legal, medical, entertainment, and other purposes.
  • An audio typing test is essential for aspiring professionals who want to hone their skills of transcribing audio to text, and for specialists who want to check their audio typing speed. It is a typing speed test tool to evaluate the user’s word count per minute, grammatical accuracy, and typing speed for documenting audio clips, for free. The test provides accurate reports based on the correct words transcribed by the user, matching the audio clip.
  • Typing speed is an important criterion for most transcription companies while hiring professionals to transcribe audio to text.

How Does the Audio Typing Speed test work?

  • The Audio Typing Speed Test is a free, online transcription tool that assesses its user’s speed and accuracy while documenting audio. The tool is easy to use. On clicking on the “Start Test” button, it simply plays an audio clip for a certain length of time and the user has to transcribe it in the given text box.
  • The user is provided with the result on the basis of their typing speed, transcribing ability, and errors. The number of words transcribed correctly- matching the audio combined with the WPM (words per minute) count gives the user an accurate result in percentage.

Benefits of Audio Typing Test

The audio typing speed test has many helpful benefits that make it a popular choice of assessment among professionals. They are:

  • It strengthens listening comprehension skills and makes you adept at identifying words and rapidly typing them on the screen.
  • The typing speed test tool provides free practice for users, to enhance their audio typing skills and increase their WPM (words per minute) count. A high WPM increases the chances of landing well-paying transcription jobs.
  • Along with unlimited access to free practice, the audio test tool also provides an in-depth analysis of the user’s typing, transcribing skills along with several useful pointers for improvement.
  • The audio speed test is suitable for all levels, from beginners to experts in the field of transcribing. Everyone can use the typing speed test tool to evaluate, practice, and enhance their audio typing skills.

Is audio typing a useful skill to obtain?

  • The ability to type audio content rapidly and accurately is a must-have skill for legal, and medical transcriptionists, assistants, and audio typists. It is a valuable skill for stay-at-home parents and college students who want to make quick money online.
  • The skill promises good money depending on the typing speed of the person. A speed of 70 words per minute is a great transcribing skill, for landing decent jobs in related fields.

How to Use Audio Typing Test?

Don’t you want to know how fast you can transcribe audio to text? You can access the audio speed test on for free and get accurate results within minutes! Follow these easy steps to evaluate your transcribing speed:

  • Go to and click on the link of the audio typing test on the top right corner of the website window.
  • The link will take you to the free typing speed test tool, where you can assess your transcribing skills.
  • Click on the “Play” button to start the typing speed test. An audio will play for you to transcribe in the text box given on the webpage, within 60 seconds.
  • Type all the words and lines you can hear in the audio but avoid typing errors for a high score.
  • The audio speed test will be concluded after the on-screen timer stops. The final percentage of your transcribing accuracy will be displayed on the screen.
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