Perks of hiring a freelancer

Confused about hiring a full-time employee or a freelancer for a short-term project? We are here to help you.

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By Catherine

Freelancers are a boon to the business world. With the ever so growing technology and latest ideas that become the basis of world-changing enterprises, people who can commit to intense projects, and provide creative and unique solutions are needed on the side of full-time employees. It is believed and proven that skilled freelance talent has a great role in taking businesses to the next level and unlocking their potential in the market. 

That said, there are so many companies that are steadily shifting from hiring full-time professionals, to hiring freelancers from the varied list of online platforms available. This is because, during the pandemic, business owners realized that employees no longer needed to sit at a desk in the office to work. The freedom of working at their own pace, at their desired timings proved to be more successful and productive than the previous work model.


This gave rise to the high demand for contractual professionals, online collaborations, and remote culture. 

However, there are so many reasons why businesses should hire freelancers. Read ahead to find out!


The most common reason why companies hire freelancers is that sometimes some projects or tasks are non-recurring and one-time. Therefore they don’t require a permanent employee to execute it. 
Freelancers can complete the task in a specific amount of time, and get paid accordingly. Unlike full-time employees, freelancers don’t require employee perks, medical benefits, paid leaves, severance packages, fixed salaries, etc, and thus help businesses save a lot of money by eliminating these overhead costs. 

Additionally, while a company’s productivity is affected by a full-time employee’s unproductive downtime, this is not the case with freelancers. Their downtime does not affect the company’s daily business in any way. 

Concentrated talent 

Talented freelancers bring expertise and innovation to your company and add great value to the projects assigned. You can hire experienced freelancers for a particular project, and benefit from their proficiency without devoting your internal resources for a long time. 

Additionally, online platforms such as Upwork enlist the top-tier talent for you, according to your budget, which makes hiring freelancers all the more easier. 

Quality Work

Freelancers have proven to the business world, that it is not necessary to go to the office, in order to achieve high levels of productivity and provide good quality work. Due to their varied experience in the industry, they provide great quality work at a fast pace. 
Prior to hiring a freelancer, you can have a look at their diverse portfolio, as for references for past projects, and interview them to see if they are the right fit for the company. 

Timely Submissions

Freelancers grow in the industry by reputation, referrals, and portfolio. To expand their business, and increase their per-project earnings, they work very hard on their quality of work, delivery time, and client satisfaction. This motive is also an advantage for businesses in need of fast delivery and execution of projects.
Additionally, since a freelancer works on solely one project at a time, they can promise fast results and completion along with increased efficiency within short timeframes.


Hiring freelancers increases the diversity of your company, which in turn expands the creativity and innovation of ideas, and leads to better solutioning and ingenious project handling.

Flexibility of Work-time

There are many unavoidable instances where you need to get some work done on days when your employees are not working. Freelancers are the best solution for situations like these, since their work timings are very flexible, and their off-days are never fixed. 
For companies that also require a workforce for weekends or non-conventional working hours, to avoid losing important business and clients, hiring a freelancer is a great option. 

Easy onboarding and Off-boarding

While hiring full-time resources is a long and probably tedious process, complete with salary negotiations, hikes, holidays, creating an appointment letter, and the works, hiring a freelancer is so much easier than that. 
Simply log into the freelance online portals, where you can short-list the professionals that are best suited for your business requirements, and get in touch with them. You can then either schedule an interview with them, to evaluate their expertise and experience or hire them directly by looking at their portfolio. It is that simple and a real time-saver!

Similarly, it is very easy to off-board a freelancer as well. After the completion of the project, you can simply clear their dues, and probably give them honest feedback, and that's it! No legal documentation and no official off-boarding process are necessary.

Creative Ideas

Freelancers are a breath of fresh air to the monotonous and mundane ideas that float on the business floor of the company. With their experience and expertise, they bring about new perspectives, ideas, and uniqueness to projects, that might not be expected to come from full-time employees. Additionally, since the skilled professionals are not adept at your company's history, and ways of executing projects, they are not tied down to the “that's how it should be done” jargon, thus providing a new, unique, and useful alternative.

No long-term commitment

While hiring a full-time employee requires creating a handsome salary package that includes taking full responsibility for his/her health, livelihood, establishment, and more, along with providing job security, however, that's not the case with freelancers. 
With Freelancers, you have the freedom to hire them for short-term projects, a set time period, or to provide your full-time employees with an extra, part-time workforce during a long-term project. 

Additionally, if somehow things don’t work out the way you want with a specific freelancer, you can instantaneously take them off the project and hire a new professional without wasting much time and resources.


The best part of hiring a freelancer, apart from the cost-effectiveness, and freedom of hiring is that you can also get in touch with professionals from other industries through them, which always comes in handy. 


Hiring freelancers is now a trend because of the convenience and freedom it offers to businesses. From content creation to typing, graphic designing, and many other fields, you can find a freelancer that is the perfect fit for your business.