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The Amazon Translation Application Programming Interface(API) powers our English to Tamil translation tool. Start writing in the box on the left; when you're ready, hit the "Translate button.” Then, our program will convert whatever you type in English into Tamil characters.

While the entire process takes only seconds, you can translate as many characters simultaneously. You can understand the concept and, with a few changes, get close to the original meaning in English. The google designers are constantly refining and improving the software's Tamil translation capabilities. 

The English to Tamil Translation tool will be able to create an almost perfect translation in a matter of seconds. We've also built the ability to save the translated text to your computer or copy and paste it into a word processor (like Microsoft Word) for additional editing.

Benefits of English to Tamil Translation

The use of an English to Tamil translation tool simplifies your job considerably. It is an excellent choice if you need accurate translations from a professional translator. The main advantages are:

Saves Time

Using an English to Tamil Translation tool saves time. You may view your document or text translated with one click in seconds.


Using the English to Tamil Translation tool is cost-effective and time-saving. All you need is a smart device and an internet connection, and you'll have access to the translation tools.

Simple Interaction

Using an English to Tamil Translation tool online is a quick and easy way to get your message across. It is a highly effective strategy for achieving this goal. The language barrier is no longer.

Learning a New Language

A translation tool is one of the best ways to manage your study of a new language. Using an English to Tamil Translation tool, you can save your time and money if you're on a mission to learn a new language.

Empowers your writing

English to Tamil Translation tool that converts English to Tamil makes it easy to read and understand. You'll be able to write better than you ever imagined.

Features of our English to Tamil Translation tool

Our English to Tamil Translation tool is quick, accurate, and free of charge. It is due to the usage of a robust Google translation API to provide instantaneous English to Tamil sentence translation. You can translate up to 600 characters per request using our service. The good thing is that you have unlimited requests. Some of the key features of our English to Tamil Translation tool are:

Quick and easy translation:

Using our English to Tamil Translation tool, you can quickly turn English words, phrases, and sentences into their Tamil equivalents.

Supports Multiple platforms:

Our English to Tamil Translation tool works on Windows and Mac computers, iOS devices, and Android phones and tablets from Samsung, Xiaomi, and others.

Excellent Precision:

Our English to Tamil Translation tool uses Google's Application Programming Interface(API) to translate between English and Tamil, making it far more accurate than in-house solutions or those provided by others.

Unlimited and FREE Translation:

Our new English to Tamil Translation tool is available at no cost. The number of requests you make is also not limited. 

Get Unicode Tamil Fonts:

This English to Tamil Translation tool lets you obtain the fonts in Unicode Tamil characters. Therefore, you can simply cut and paste into any application on the internet or on your computer.


Our English to Tamil Translation tool secures your data with utmost privacy. No repurpose of your text or phrase.

Most frequently used English to Tamil sentences/phrases

  1. Good- நல்ல - Nalla
  2. Now- இப்போது!- Ippothu
  3. See you later- பிறகு சந்திப்போம்!- piraku sandhippom
  4. I really like it - உண்மையிலேயே நான் அதை விரும்புகிறேன்- Unmaiyileye nan atai virumpukiren. 
  5. Thank you- நன்றி -Nanri
  6. Can you help me?- நீங்கள் எனக்கு உதவ முடியுமா? -Ninkal enakku utava mudiyuma?
  7. Today-இன்று - Inru
  8. Can I talk to you? நான் உங்களிடம் பேசலாமா?- Nan unkalitam pesalama?
  9. Please check- தயவு செய்து சரிபார்க்கவும்- Tayavuceytu caiparkkavum
  10. Sorry/Excuse me- மன்னிக்கவும் - Mannikkavum

The English to Tamil Translator tool is easy to work with and instantly gets results. You can type in the English box or copy and paste some English text. The English to Tamil Translator tool uses Google's API for translation, the web's most reliable translation resource.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert English to Tamil translation in freetypingjobs. Online?

Type or copy and paste the text in the English text part and click the “Translate” button to see the results instantly.

What are some basic Tamil sentences that I should know?

Good- நல்ல - Nalla , Now- இப்போது!- Ippothu, See you later- பிறகு சந்திப்போம்!- piraku sandhippom, Thank you- நன்றி -Nanri, Today-இன்று - Inru

How can I ask Tamil, “How are you”?

நீங்கள் எப்படி இருக்கிறீர்கள்?- “Ninkal eppati irukkirirkal”

What are the Tamil words adopted by English?

Catamaran Cheroot Corundum Mulligatawny Patchouli Pandal Culvert

In what ways does English To Tamil translation work?

When you type something into our translation tool in English, it goes to either Microsoft or Google for translation. After receiving an English input, we submit an API call to either Google or Microsoft to have the text translated. They responded with a Tamil translation of the original message.

Does this translator translate accurately?

Yes, this English to Tamil Translation tool accurately translates the input text instantly.

Is this a free translation?

Yes, but limited to 600 words per translation.

Can I download the translator words into text?

Yes, you can download our English to Tamil Translation tool.

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